Window repair products – Fenster FAQ

Window repair products are offered in a variety of forms, style and categories to fit a specific need.  Fenster offers more than just replacement sashes and merely requesting a “brand” of window sash doesn’t help us get you the best product to solve your window repair issue.

When you visit our site,, from the home page, you are directed to select a specific product category organized by the type of sash, component, or window repair solution.  It is important to consider what issue you are trying to resolve prior to selecting a category and read the brief category description to see if that category fits your need.

Choose the replica wood sash category ONLY if you have a painted wood window (no cladding) and you want a complete sash with new wood frame and glass included.  You will pay far more in shipping, but this product comes out of the box ready for hardware and installation.

Choose the Quiksash category if you have an aluminum clad sash and you want the same “out-of-the-box” product as the replica wood sash.  However, Quiksash is a Fenster re-engineering of the original sash profile to fit and function in the original window frame.  You must be willing to accept some minor changes in the appearance of the sash.  A minor sacrifice when you consider your other option:  Replacing all of your windows!

Weatherstrip and jambliners hopefully are self-explanatory.  The products listed on these pages are stock items and are suitable replacements for many universal profiles used on many different brands and models of windows.  These items are not brand specific.  Consider how the item functions on the window.  Don’t get wrapped up in trying to match what you have exactly.  If the brand of window is out of business, the exact part may be gone too.

Hardware is a whole other blog post.


  • Mark Larue
    Posted September 29, 2015 at 8:34 pm | Permalink

    I have Malta thermaclad 11 vinyl clad windows. Bottom of window is rotted out. How can you help me? And do you have a contact number?

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