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Repair vs. Replace: Chicago Suburb Wood Windows

Since the early 90s, the Chicago suburbs have exploded with the expansion of new upscale neighborhoods, and aluminum-clad casement windows were the standard for this new construction. During this period, there were a plethora of mid-scale wood window companies supplying Chicago homebuilders with a continuous supply of moderately priced window products to keep up with demand.

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Now Offering Installation

Windows are only as good as the installation. This is the last step but might be one of the most difficult —do it yourself or hire someone? If you’ve decided to hire help, who do you hire? 

We want our customers to sleep well at night, knowing their homes are in good, professional hands. That’s why Fenster Components is proud to offer expert, factory installation service within our normal delivery radius for most orders. 

We will deliver your order and install at the time of delivery. We don’t use local installers or contractors. All of our work is done by a Fenster service technician. Click here to learn more about our installation services. 

Installation starts at $79 per opening. If you are interested in having Fenster install your windows, please contact us.