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Fenster Components is excited to announce our expansion into the Chicagoland area with our innovative approach to window replacement. Expensive, whole window tear-out replacement is no longer necessary with our sash replacement system. We offer replacement sash for Chicago’s most popular brands like Caradco, Norco, Pozzi, Rockwell and more!

How Does It Work?

Homeowners now have the option to just replace the sash, which is the operating panel of the window (glass and frame), without having to tear out the entire frame of the window from the wall. This avoids costly damage to the surrounding surfaces of your walls and solves all of your window issues for less than half the cost. Why tear out your Caradco, Norco, Pozzi or Rockwell windows when Fenster can just replace the foggy or rotten sash for a fraction of the cost?

The engineers at Fenster have taken the original templates of many popular brands of windows long since gone out of business — including Caradco, Norco, Pozzi and Rockwell — and adapted those sash profiles into a fully functional, nearly exact replica of the original brand’s window sash. In many cases, Fenster has taken steps to actually improve the design for better longevity. The testimonials we are most proud of are from customers who say, “Fenster sashes are better than the original!”

Let’s walk through some of the most popular brands we see in Chicago to better understand our process and expertise.


Originally out of Rantoul, IL, Caradco is one of the oldest window companies in America and Fenster’s biggest selling brand. Caradco was purchased by the Jeld-Wen company in 1996, and they then sold the brand through 2011 when the nameplate was discontinued.

As of 2018, Jeld-Wen no longer produces any replacement parts for Caradco windows and now refers its Caradco customers to Fenster for help. Fenster has several Caradco models available like the C-200 series, the Carclad/Heritage I and II, all the way through the latest Traditional Casement model made through the early 2000s. Our Quiksash double-hung kits are also a great fit for the Classic or Guardian Series double-hung windows.


Fenster’s second most popular brand was originally out of Medford, WI and also purchased by Jeld-Wen in the mid-’90s. Much like Caradco, Norco is also no longer available from Jeld-Wen.

Norco is the brand of sash Fenster has made the most improvements to. For many years, across several models, Norco used an exterior side, plastic glazing bead around the glass, which was infamous for allowing water to leak in around the glass. The Fenster version of a Norco has the glazing bead switched to the interior, allowing for a flat, seamless seal on the exterior side around the glass.

Fenster has Norco replica sash for the primed and clad Siteline, Teton and D-series casements. Our Quicksash double-hung kits fit Norco double-hung windows as well.


The third installment of the Jeld-Wen buy-out of the ’90s. Pozzi was originally out of Bend, OR and was a sizable company with nationwide distribution. While Fenster produces replica sash for many regional brands, Pozzi was a brand we find at all corners of the country.

We want to mention Wenco in this section as well, as Jeld-Wen also bought Wenco, and we have found a significant similarity between Pozzi and Wenco sash models. Fenster has the staple of the Pozzi casement models, the builder’s series casement in both clad or primed wood produced from the early ’80s through the late ’90s.

Starting in the mid-’90s, a new Pozzi model came into the market that was precisely like the Wenco and also a Jeld-Wen builder’s casement. Fenster has two models of Pozzi that fit everything Pozzi, Wenco and Jeld-Wen.

What Fenster can’t do for Pozzi owners, however, is a double-hung. The very popular Pozzi/Wenco easy-tilt, double-hung sold through the ’90s and 2000s used a static jambliner and tilt latches on the sashes. The Fenster Quiksash kit will not work for this design.


Rockwell was made in Knox, IN and was a sister company to Barber and Ross out of Virginia that closed in 2010.  Rockwell was a direct-to-builder distributor and offered a deeply discounted price point to larger custom builders who bought in high volume.

Needless to say, Chicago is lousy is Rockwells! Unfortunately for many homeowners, Rockwell had significant quality issues in their Knox plant resulting in a poorly made window. We make a (improved) Rockwell replica as well.

Most significantly for a Rockwell, the Fenster version has deleted the rubber glazing boot around the glass that was infamous for leaking water in around the glass. The Fenster version uses a more modern wet glazing system for a watertight seal around the glass. Just like the casement version, the Fenster Quiksash double-hung kit is a great fit for Rockwell double-hung windows.


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