Sash Rebuild Kit

Fenster sash rebuild kits are your most cost effective option to replace rotten wood sash frames when the glass is still in good shape. Our sash kits are exact duplicates of the original profile allowing for a hassle free installation when a complete kit is purchased. A complete kit includes the four pre-cut wood sides of the sash with new weatherstrip where applicable. No glass, cladding or hardware is included. We caution the use of single stiles or rails because we do not guarantee our joinery is interchangeable with the original.

In the case of cladded sash, nearly all original cladding is obsolete making aluminum/vinyl clad sash impossible to replicate with new cladding and still maintain the original specifications. A Fenster sash kit is your only option to stay true to the original design by rebuilding the sash with the original cladding and glass.

Lead time: 3-4 weeks.

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