REWindow. Window replacement redefined.
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Quiksash for hail damage.

In the case of hail damage, the exterior skin, or "cladding" of a window sash cannot be replaced. With many brands obsolete, the original components are not available or restricted. Quiksash is an after-market sash replication of many major brands guaranteed to exceed like, kind, and quality requirements of the insurance industry.


Quiksash is NOT a universal, one size fits all replacement sash. Each model is precisely engineered to resemble in appearance, and function exactly as the original brand product did. All Quiksash models are designed to resemble the original window as closely as possible using today’s technology and available components.


Quiksash products are made of solid, eastern white pine treated with woodlife 111, the industry standard for millwork grade wood preservatives. Quiksash aluminum cladding is industry standard .019 gauge roll formed aluminum to match the existing windows. In some cases, non-wood components proprietary to the original manufacturer are not available causing minor appearance differences that will not affect the performance or function of the window.


Quiksash comes standard with lowE w/ argon glass that meets 2016 energy star performance ratings. In most cases, Quiksash will upgrade the existing window’s quality and energy performance. High performance lowE, internal grills and safety tempered glass are available. Quiksash is available in three industry standard exterior colors, with dozens of custom color match options. Synthetic cPVC bottom sash rails are available as a premium upgrade for extended life and added protection from wood rot.


From a performance, function, and quality perspective, there are no limitations to Quiksash when engineered for the proper application. However, it is notable that removable interior wood grills will NOT fit in new Quiksash replacement sashes. Grills between the glass must be substituted for removable wood grills, or wood grills deleted. Fenster does not offer re-sizing of existing wood grills.


A pre-finished interior option is available to make installation even more convenient on larger volume, whole house projects. Finished product can be shipped prefinished ready for final install eliminating the need for additional painting contractors and reduced service issues after installation. Pre-finishing stationary sash prior to install is recommended to guarantee all edges are sealed to reduce water absorption into the wood. Pre-finishing is required by Fenster at production, or other painting contractor prior to installation when ReWindow is hired to perform the install.

Full 10 year warranty.

No fineprint guarantee.

Product Advantages

  • Manufactured to exceed like, kind and quality standards of the industry
  • Engineered to original window specifications to guarantee proper fit and function
  • Added value in superior manufacturing techniques and quality control
  • Efficiency meets or exceeds current energy star ratings
  • Industry leading, no fine print warranty

Homeowner advantages

  • Less invasive than full window replacement
  • No mess, less hassle
  • Quick and simple installation
  • No disruption to interior surfaces or finishes
  • Instant improved energy efficiency for any home older than 10 years

Casement profiles are re-engineered to accept Fenster cladding shapes while maintaining the fit and function of the original design. Depending on the original specifications, our 1-3/4" or 2" wide cladding is applied to match the original face width as closely as possible. This design change does affect the glass sizing, but does not affect the over-all net sash size.

  • 1 3/4" or 2" wide face
  • Interior glass stop
  • Perimeter weatherstrip


  • Species: Clear pine treated with Woodlife 111, cPVC bottom rail available for upgrade
  • Finish: Stain grade: No visible knots greater than 1/16" within the sightline with window closed, minor knots may exist on edge views. Paint grade: Knots/imperfections may be filled/sanded smooth on any surface.
  • Glass: LowE standard. Argon fill, HP-lowE, tempered, grills between the glass available options.
  • Sizing tolerance: +/- 1/16”
  • Measuring: Exact edge to edge of exterior surface
  • Product: Assembled and glazed, weatherstrip (where applicable)
  • Shipping: UPS ground maximum sash size 88 united inches. Large orders palletized and shipped freight
  • Warranty: 10 year
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Replica Clad Sashes

Fenster has several aluminum clad replacement sashes available in our Quiksash line of products. While these replica sashes are engineered to fit and operate in the original opening, most include noticeable design alterations to accept our cladding and glazing method.

These sashes are NOT exact replicas of the original product. Only standard Fenster cladding colors are available.

Replications available for:

  • Biltbest
  • Caradco
  • Craftline
  • MW
  • Kolbe
  • Norco
  • Pozzi
  • Malta
  • Rockwell
  • Sealrite
  • SNE
  • Windsor