Quiksash.  The evolution of window replacement. The more economical option vs. full frame replacement for wood rot and seal failure.  The alternative replacement product when the original brand is no longer available.  The perfect replacement solution for hail damaged windows.

Clad/Wood Casement Sashes

Quiksash is our answer to obsolete or proprietary protected aluminum cladding materials no longer available for many brands of aluminum or vinyl clad wood window sash. With all original manufacturer's cladding obsolete or proprietary, replacement cladding is not available. Fenster solved this issue by engineering a replica window sash using our own cladding profiles that closely resemble practically any brand of roll-form clad window sash. When purchasing a brand specific replication already available, or hiring us to engineer a new model, we guarantee like, kind, quality, fit and function to the original sash. Choose from one of the re-engineered profiles already available (see list below) or contact us to inquire about getting your clad sash replicated.

For all brands of clad/wood double hung windows, visit our double hung replacement kit page »

Replica Clad Sashes

Fenster has several aluminum clad replacement sashes available in our Quiksash line of products. While these replica sashes are engineered to fit and operate in the original opening, most incorporate slight design alterations to accept our cladding, glazing method, and Fenster identification elements.

These sashes are nearly exact replicas of the original product with the exception of our standard glass stop for warranty identification purposes. Only standard Fenster cladding colors are available.

Replications available for:

  • Biltbest
  • Caradco
  • Craftline
  • MW
  • Kolbe
  • Norco
  • Pozzi
  • Malta
  • Rockwell
  • Sealrite
  • SNE
  • Windsor

We offer product engineering services and custom tooling to manufacture a replication of your original brand sash, or convert your existing painted wood sash profile to a clad window. Contact us through our copy shop for more details.

GBG Options: Flat 5/8in or 3/4in. Contour 3/4in or 1in. Exterior clad colors: white, beige, tan, or brown. TDL/SDL mullion options: Interior wood, exterior metal bar (white only). Glass Options: Low-E Single surface low-e coating. Super low-e with argon gas dual surface low-e coating. Tempered glass, grils between the glass, and simulated divided lites available in both glazing options.