About Fenster

Attention contractors, remodelers and DIYers: we’ve all been there. Standing in the yard with a saw and tools strewn about, working to create custom-fit components to replace a sash or rotted window frame. To do the job right takes patience and skill. Having the right parts, ones that actually fit? Yeah. That would help.

Having had my own experiences of standing around the yard spending quality time with my saw and tools, I realized there had to be a better way. So in 2000 I opened a mill in my garage (where every great business gets its start) and began crafting these window components, building better kits to match a wide variety of window makes and styles (many of which are no longer manufactured), and then assembling them on-site.

As a former contractor, I understand the challenges of this business. As the founder of this family owned business, I have a personal stake in our product, our reputation and our customers’ satisfaction. Our dedicated staff has a strong commitment to excellence and a genuine desire to help people save money while getting top quality windows. Our components are milled right in the heart of the U.S., and we ship them anywhere in the country.

Because homes are always getting older and new window costs are always going up, the demand for our products is on the rise. The mill is growing and the product line is expanding, which is good news for contractors, home-improvement specialists and experienced do-it-yourselfers around the country. We are uniquely positioned to help make your work easier and more efficient. The result? A win/win situation for everyone.