Windsor, Windsor series primed or clad casement

Fenster Product Number: #WD100 (primed) WD100-C (clad) QSR-WD100 (Quiksash replica)

Model Identifiers:

  • Windsor stamped in spacer bar
  • Rubber glazing boot

Common Dimensions:

  • Width: xx 1/8" primed, xx 3/16" clad
  • Height: xx 1/8" primed, xx 3/16" clad

Available Versions:

  • Stile and Rail Kit (SRK) ( boot primed or clad)
  • Complete sash (CS) Primed unit only, wet glazed conversion with interior glass stop.
  • Complete clad sash (CS) A Fenster Quiksash replica is available for this profile in 4 clad colors. A Fenster clad color must be selected.

Fenster Modifications:

  • None

Fenster Product Specifications:

  • Original cladding and glazing boot are not available
  • SRK ships unassembled with weatherstrip
  • No other hardware included

Assembly Tips:

Cladding must be transferred from old sash to new stile and rail kit at assembly. Cladding slides over face of frame from either end with frame disassembled. Transfer cladding from each stile and rail. Pay close attention to how joints are lapped. Add sealant to each joint. Position frame around boot/glass and secure at corners with provided screws.

Installation Tips:

Priming of exterior face under cladding is recommended. Seal all surfaces and edges prior to installation. Use old sash frame as a template to transfer hardware to correct location.