Rockwell primed or clad casement

Fenster Product Number: #RK100 (primed) RK100-C (clad) QSR-RK100 (Quiksash replica)

Model Identifiers:

  • RR stamped in spacer bar
  • Rubber glazing boot
  • Also sold as Barber and Ross or Federal Group

Available Versions:

  • Complete sash (CS) (primed, wet conversion only)
  • Complete clad sash (CS) A Fenster Quiksash replica is available in 4 clad colors.

Fenster Modifications:

  • A wet glaze conversion is available to do away with the rubber glazing boot for primed units only or Quiksash model.

Fenster Product Specifications:

  • Original cladding and glazing boot are not available
  • CS ship with weatherstrip
  • CS ships with IGU glazed at the factory.
  • No other hardware is included