Norco primed casement

Fenster Product Number: #NC100

Model Identifiers:

  • Norco stamped in spacer bar
  • Vinyl exterior glass stop
  • Stile narrower than rails
  • interior side has 1/2" wide step down against glass perimeter. Note this difference from the NC200-C that has an ogee detail.

Available Versions:

  • Complete sash (CS)

Fenster Modifications:

  • Complete sashes come standard with a flat wood glass stop instead of vinyl glazing bead for a better seal.

Fenster Product Specifications:

  • CS ships with weatherstrip
  • FO ships unassembled with wood stop (standard) and weatherstrip.
  • CS ships with IGU glazed at the factory. See note on glass stop.
  • No other hardware included
  • Vinyl glazing bead sold separately. Available in white, beige, or bronze.