Hurd primed casement

Fenster Product Number: #HD100

Model Identifiers:

  • Hurd stamped in spacer bar
  • 5/8" x 3/8" flat exterior glass stop on newer version
  • Flat vinyl glass stop on older version
  • Bulb weatherstrip on top of sash only. No other perimeter seal.
  • Joinery runs horizontal instead of vertical

Common Dimensions:

  • Width: whole number (new version) xx 1/2" (older version)
  • Height: xx 11/16" (new version) xx 9/16" (older version)

Available Versions:

  • Stile and Rail Kit (SRK) with wood glass stop
  • Complete sash (CS)
  • Specify new or old version when ordering

Fenster Modifications:

  • The older version is retro fit with the newer style without the vinyl glass stop that is no longer available.

Fenster Product Specifications:

  • The vinyl glass stop on the older version is not available
  • SRK/CS ship with weatherstrip
  • SRK ships unassembled with wood glass stop
  • CS ships with IGU glazed at the factory
  • No other hardware included

Assembly Tips:

Square sash frame prior to glazing set and secure corners with provided screws.

Installation Tips:

1. Seal all surfaces and edges prior to installation. 2. Use old sash frame as a template to transfer hardware to correct location.