Caradco Carclad/Heritage I casement

Fenster Product Number: #CC101 (primed) CC101-C (clad)

Model Identifiers:

  • Glass Spacer: CAR or CC stamp. #916
  • Labeling: Some years did have "caradco" stamped on the operator cover
  • Cladding Type: Aluminum
  • Cladding Joint: Butt
  • Glazing Type: Boot
  • Stop/Bead Type: none.
  • Weatherstrip Type: 5/8" vinyl leaf
  • Ext. Face Width: 2-1/16"
  • Frame Thickness: 1-11/16"
  • Unique Ext. Face Detail: None. Flat 2-1/16" wide face.
  • Unique Int. Face Detail: None.
  • Unique Edge Detail: Drip groove runs length of stile
  • Stile/Rail: Different. Rail plowed for hinge.
  • Hardware: Truth

Fenster Modifications:

  • Complete sash is a wet glazed conversion to interior wood stop. Rubber boot deleted.
  • A replica cladded sash is available. This is a modified version of the original profile designed to retro fit into the Caradco opening. Only Fenster clad colors are available.

Fenster Product Specifications:

  • New original cladding and rubber glazing boot are not available.
  • All sash ship with weatherstrip
  • See casement product page for general product specifications
  • No other hardware is included