Caradco C-200 primed casement

Fenster Product Number: #CC200

Model Identifiers:

  • 'CAR' or 'CC' stamped in original spacer bar
  • 1/2" step down on exterior profile around the glass
  • Used in 70's -early 80's era homes
  • Rubber glazing boot
  • Exaggerated drip edge on perimeter of frame

Common Dimensions:

  • Width: xx 5/16"
  • Height: xx 3/8"

Available Versions:

  • Complete sash only

Fenster Modifications:

  • This is a wet glaze conversion with an exterior glass stop to delete the rubber glazing boot and install 1/2" glass.

Fenster Product Specifications:

  • CS ships complete with weatherstrip and glass glazed at the factory
  • No other hardware included
  • Rubber glazing boot not available