REWindow. Window replacement redefined.

Fenster Components engineering team combined with ReWindow technicians make up the foremost experts in window repair. No general contractor can have the level of expertise and training that our specialized team receives. A successful project depends on more than just installation and not all window installers are created equal. A true expert understands window construction, manufacturing techniques, brand history, and industry terms to build and install a custom designed window sash. To guarantee the correct product and have that product installed by industry leaders, ReWindow is the only choice. ReWindow offers the following services as a preferred vendor:

Inspection Services

ReWindow experts will perform a comprehensive inspection of the home’s windows and make a professional assessment of the extent of damage and recommend a proper course of action to return the home to pre-damage condition. ReWindow inspectors are trained to collect the specific information Fenster engineers require to build a properly designed and functioning window sash that exceeds same like, kind, and quality standards of the industry. This direct communication between inspector and engineer ensures proper transfer of technical data. When a ReWindow expert performs the inspection, Fenster WILL guarantee the correct design, sizing, and same like, kind, and quality requirements to return the window to pre-damage condition.


ReWindow technicians are trained and certified by the very team that designs and builds the window. By possessing first-hand knowledge of how the window sash was designed to operate, ReWindow technicians are capable of troubling shooting issues in the field for a smooth, quick and organized installation minimizing any inconvenience to the customer. When the installation is performed by ReWindow, Fenster WILL guarantee proper fit and function.

Training focuses on two core areas:
1. Window construction and operation. It is imperative to a successful installation to understand how a window is constructed, how the hardware functions, and trouble-shooting techniques to ensure a proper fit. Simply installing a complete window in an opening, and properly installing a sash in an existing frame are very different skill sets. Sash installation requires comprehensive training and expertise.

2. Project service management. Our team has a reputation of exceptional customer service because they are trained to. We have procedures in place to minimize homeowner inconvenience, perform the installation quickly and efficiently, and leave the customer’s residence with no evidence of our team being there. ReWindow technicians are training extensively on the “intangible” aspects of an installation designed to leave the customer delighted and impressed with our presence. ReWindow is not just a window contractor. ReWindow is the expert of the customer experience.

Product Delivery
ReWindow will deliver the product order directly to the job site when we perform the installation. Delivery fees are included with the installation bid. When the installation is performed by another contractor, the product will ship freight to their determined location and shipping fees will be included with the product total.

There are fees associated with a ReWindow inspection and installation. These fees must be approved by the insurance carrier in advance of any provided service.

ReWindow will not perform any service as a sub-contractor to an on-site general contractor. All fees, and invoices due must be approved directly by the insurance carrier. Inspection, delivery, and installation schedules will be coordinated directly with the homeowner by a ReWindow representative.

Full 10 year warranty.

No fineprint guarantee.