Replica Series Wood Windows

We offer full frame window units when a repair just isn't possible or doesn't make sense.  With our Replica series replacement window, homeowners now have the option to replace only the problematic windows on their home and still have a matching window unit.  An investment of all new windows is no longer necessary!

We pair our standard cellular PVC wood frame with as many as 20 different popular wood window sash designs to produce a nearly identical window unit to your existing windows. This is a far more cost effective option to window replacement while still taking advantage of current technology and not altering the look of your home.

GBG Options: Flat 5/8in or 3/4in. Contour 3/4in or 1in. Exterior clad colors: white, beige, tan, or brown. TDL/SDL mullion options: Interior wood, exterior metal bar (white only). Glass Options: Low-E Single surface low-e coating. Super low-e with argon gas dual surface low-e coating. Tempered glass, grils between the glass, and simulated divided lites available in both glazing options.

Do to the complexity of this product, Fenster Replica Wood Windows are not available for online sales.
Please contact us for more information.

Central Indiana customers, please contact us for an in-home sales presentation.