Wanted: Dealers, Preferred Contractors, and Exceptional People

Fenster continues to grow to a nationwide audience, but needs a network of dealers, salespeople, and installers to service customers in locations across the country. Fenster has opportunities in these areas to grow with us:

Dealers are companies that are established businesses already performing window repair or window replacement that choose to use Fenster as their primary supplier. A dealer can also be a millwork distributor or other retail outlet that would offer Fenster products to their customers. Dealerships are reserved for companies with a trained salesforce and marketing budget dedicated to promoting Fenster products and can maintain minimum order quantities. Preferred contractors are those who are vetted by Fenster and conduct their business as we do our own. A Fenster preferred contractor has prior window repair or installation experience as a specialty. Preferred contractors benefit from a stream of projects sent to them via website referral to complement their existing business. A preferred contractor and sales rep can be one in the same if the contractor has adequate sales experience and skills or vice versa combined with marketing ability. Corporate Employees have a passion for customer service, high attention to detail, and strong work ethics.  We don't just fill positions.  We recognize talent, embrace it and cultivate it in a family owned small business atmosphere.  Fenster has current positions available at its corporate headquarters on the north side of Indianapolis, IN for customer service team, experienced machine operators, wood working craftsman,  shipping/receiving/deliveries, and experienced window professionals in sales and technical support. Learn More