Handcrafted Wood
Window Replacements

Made in Indiana. Made to Last.

Fenster is the only wood window manufacturer in Indiana and the largest manufacturer of wood window replacement parts in the country. We have a passion for wood windows. Their beauty, function and warmth just make a home feel different.

A family-owned business, Fenster offers a truly unique buying experience by tailoring not just the product, but the service to meet the expectations of each customer. Our mission is to prevent the extinction of the wood window in the American home, and we’re proud to bring this mission to your home, direct from the Hoosier heartland.

When you compare the value of vinyl versus wood window curb appeal, there is simply no contest! Handmade by Indiana craftsmen, our wood window replacements offer a better alternative. For the experienced, DIYer, the benefits are significant. For those homeowners who need a bit more help, we offer that as well.

Visit our home page to get started. Browse our options, read our Helpful Hints and complete our online order form when you’re ready to get started. If you live in the Central Indiana area and will not be doing your own installation, contact us or 317.770.3308 to schedule an appointment.

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