Window Sash-Fenster FAQ

malta 300 clad sash example What is the sash?  We get that question a lot.  Since it’s our primary product line, we should probably go into more detail.  In simple terms, the window sash is what you open and close.  For instance, a casement window sash opens vertically from the side like a door does using a crank mechanism of some sort.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A double hung window sash slides up and down on a track on either side called a vinyl compression jambliner that contains spring balances that hold the sashes up.




More specifically, the parts of the sash would be:

  • The wood frame around the glass.  The vertical sides are called stiles.  The horizontal top and bottom are called the rails.
  • The glass.  Double pane glass is an encapsulated unit installed into the sash frame and can be removed and replaced separately from the frame in the event of seal failure which causes a foggy appearance.


We offer multiple versions of window sash products based on your needs.

  1. Our replica wood sash are for painted wood window sash only.  Use this product when you have a painted window sash with both foggy glass and rotting wood.
  2. Our Quiksash line is Fenster’s answer to obsolete clad/wood windows and hail damage.  A Quiksash replica is a re-engineered version of the original window sash using components available to us.  While some subtle differences in appearance may be noticeable, we guarantee the same fit and function as the original.

To see more about all of our product lines visit us


  • Liane Slade
    Posted June 27, 2015 at 6:29 pm | Permalink

    I have a double hung wooden window vinyl outside low e glass. The upper window is broken an sash vinyl cord is limp. The windows can tilt for washing . put in new in 1987 by Malta. Please tell me if I can fix cord and take out just top window or what do you suggest
    Thank you

    • Posted June 29, 2015 at 2:57 pm | Permalink

      Liane, It sounds like the upper balance is broken. Our suggestion is to replace the entire vinyl jambliner. Ordering and changing out just the balance tends to be more technically challenging than pulling the whole liner. Malta used a “V” plow jambliner. The only other information we require is the color (white or beige) and the length to the long point at the bottom. This project is on the DIY side of things, but still can be challenging. I’d encourage you to read up on the products on our blog. I have a jambliner 101 post and a jambliner- FAQ there. You can submit an order request via our site as well, Thank you.

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