Window repair, not an emergency

Window repair is not an emergency folks!  It took 20 years for your windows to rot.  A couple more weeks won’t hurt anything.

The first thing about the window industry is; it’s not in a hurry.  So from a supply stand point, we wait sometimes 5-6 weeks just to get raw materials in.  Now we do a better job than most managing this, but special orders take extra time.  Also, during high volume times of the year, suppliers are busy too.  We all struggle to keep up.  What I will ask is, “Can anyone do it faster?”  Most major window companies take 8-12 weeks to get you a stock item.  We’re making this stuff from scratch and still getting it out usually in 6 weeks or less!

Time is certainly of the essence, but that depends on the time of year.  We understand, summer is over, the weather is turning, and so is your attention to your home to prepare it for winter.  What we need customers to understand is EVERYONE ELSE has the same idea!

What’s wrong with the rest of the year?  The summer is a great time of year for window repair.  Its dry, warm.  In the spring, flowers are blooming, its new, its fresh, why not make your windows feel the same?  It doesn’t snow everywhere in the winter.  Where’s our southern friends in January and February?

Why isn’t anyone in a hurry in the winter we wonder?  I think its more about top of mind.  Not many homeowners take time to inspect their windows regularly.  Usually its a painter pointing out window repair needs during a paint job.  We get it.  You’re suddenly made aware of this issue, you got the painter there, its one more problem to deal with between soccer and choir practice…whatever.  Its a hassle you need to have go away, right away.

The thing to consider is not the lead time, but the finished product.  When you open that box to begin your window repair, are you expecting something that looks like it got done in a hurry?  Of course not.  You still expect a quality product.  Fenster only does things one way; The Right Way.  The Right Way way takes time.  The Right Way way takes more time August through October because so many customers wait until this time to get it The Right Way.

We certainly appreciate all of the window repair business, anytime of year we can get it!  We thank you!  We ask for a little more patience this time of year to get your order done, what?  The Right Way.  Lead times in the fall can run 6-8 weeks.  There are 9 more months of the year folks!  If you want something in a week, call us January!

Learn more about the Fenster way of doing things at  View our products and submit your order request today!

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  • Victor Denaro
    Posted September 25, 2015 at 6:19 pm | Permalink

    I’m looking for the bull nose replacement part for my wood windows circa 1993.This part has has a tongue that fits right into the sill. I did order some from malta about 10 years ago but am interested in buying more for my next round of wood rot repairs. I would appreciate it if you could steer me in the right direction about where I might find these. I also am willing to pull of some of the old ones and send them so you can replicate them.

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