What Does a Casement Window Look Like

If someone asked what type of windows you have throughout your home, would you be able to tell them?

casement windows look

Not all window designs are the same, and one of the most mistaken types of windows is the casement window design. 

It’s been around for centuries and is featured in many classic home and building designs. Casement windows can add to the value of your home and help to circulate air in your space more efficiently than other window designs. 

There are a few benefits to using casement windows in your home, so let’s take a look at what these windows look like, along with some of the reasons why so many homes feature this classic design. 

What Does a Casement Window Design Feature? 

Casement windows include a couple of features that make their design stand out from other common window designs. 

Casement window sash: A window’s sash is made up of both the glass and the window frame around the glass. The sash on a casement window swings out and is often operated by a crank handle. (Unlike the sash on a double-hung window, which is the part that you slide up and down.) 

Rails and stiles: The rails are the top and bottom sections of your window’s sash, and stiles make up the sides. The hinge is typically mounted on the rail of a casement window, and rail components will feature a groove where the hinge fits in: the hinge pocket. The shape and length of your window’s rails and stiles determines the “profile” of the window.

Casement window operation: Generally speaking, casement windows swing out like a door and are opened by turning the window’s crank handle. Awning, hopper and transom windows all have similar styles of operation and are often considered casement windows since they swing out from a hinge in a similar fashion. 

Some casement windows are fixed or stationary and don’t open at all. They’re often found in multi-window designs, to help maximize views of the outdoors.  

What Are the Benefits of a Casement Window Design? 

The type of windows you choose for your home often comes down to a matter of style and what makes sense for your design. 

One of the main factors behind your window purchase might be cost and installation. You’ll often find that casement windows are more expensive upfront compared to, say, cheaper vinyl windows.

But there’s a reason casement windows have been on-trend for more than a few decades: Because they’re an especially sustainable and long-term option for homeowners looking for a new window design. They come with a few benefits that make them an appealing selection for your home’s style. 

  • They’re a great solution for indoor air quality in the home. Many casement window models are designed to open completely, so you’ll have plenty of fresh air to ventilate your space. 
  • Casement windows also seal more completely than other window designs, since it’s secured in three places to the window frame once it’s locked into place.
  • Cleaning and inspecting a casement window is often easier on homeowners since it opens wider than other designs.  
  • Operating the casement window crank is usually easier on older or disabled homeowners, unlike double-hung windows which can get stuck or are too heavy to open. 

Casement windows could be considered some of the most cost efficient designs available. For many casement window units, the frame will stand up to years of wear and tear because it’s made of aluminum or clad in some kind of durable metal. Usually, it’s just the wooden sash on a casement window that needs replacement, which is a far more budget-friendly project than an entire window replacement. 

Choosing Smarter Window Solutions

Casement windows offer homeowners a few benefits and solutions for their window design. From ease of operation to better indoor air quality, casement windows can improve the comfort and energy efficiency in your home, and have a classic design that won’t go unnoticed.

Have concerns or questions about your home’s casement windows? QuikSash Clad and Wood Casement Sashes from Fenster offer homeowners a solution for casement window replacement. All of Fenster’s sashes are designed to outperform your window’s original counterparts, because the sashes are engineered for durability and energy-efficiency, and include low-E glass and weatherstripping.

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  • Sue
    Posted April 21, 2021 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

    We have a houseful of Norco Casement windows. Several of them are ‘stripped out’ and will not operate with the crank. Is there any way to replace the gear box or whatever it is so these windows can open and close again?

    • Posted April 22, 2021 at 1:10 pm | Permalink

      Sue, Yes the operator is a common replacement part. You can purchase those from our hardware page on our website, or search any of several other online hardware stores if you wish. http://www.fensterusa.com

      • Sue
        Posted April 23, 2021 at 12:41 am | Permalink

        Thank you. Are they sold by dimensions as well as left/right orientation? I will look it over.

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