Drafts. Great for Football and Beer. Not So Good for Windows.

Now that colder weather is just a pair of sweatpants and hoodie away, time to turn your attention to those drafty windows. Your rotten wood windows are a major culprit when it comes to costing you money. The cost of replacing those windows is less than paying high heating bills year after year and, let’s face it, no matter how high you turn up the heat, any time you get close to those drafty windows you can’t get warm.

According to energystar.gov, the average household spends $2200 a year on energy bills, with more than half of that going toward heating and cooling. Repairing your windows can make a significant difference in those costs.

Fenster¬†Components carries replacement components and sashes for dozens of window types, including Caradco, Pozzi,¬†Rockwell, and many more. If you’re a homeowner with windows that would qualify for a first-round pick in a Drafty Windows Draft, then fill out an order form and start this winter season with quality, higher efficiency windows. Need help finding an installer? Just let us know.

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