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This is why we do what we do….

Ryan, I received the seven sashes today that I ordered only a couple weeks ago. They are beautiful and look much better quality than the Caradco sashes they are replacing. Your attention to detail is second to NONE. In fact, they look so good, I may replace the others that haven’t rotted yet. I’m also replacing the glass units in these sashes with a quality low E glass unit. I couldn’t be happier and look forward to doing business with you again.

All the best, Bill G.


Fenster has replica Caradco Windows for painted wood casements, clad casements, clad and painted double hungs.  Order yours today at

Caradco Heritage

Wood window repair can be done.

Its funny how after 15 years in business and thousands of window sash made, that not a day goes by I hear another customer doubt the notion of window repair.  How is that possible?  Why is that a good idea?  I didn’t know you could do that?

Well folks, I’m hear to tell you it is very possible!

rockwell 2007 rockwell 2007 after No this isn’t putty.  It isn’t a patch job!  A replacement sash and trim kit brings this window back to new condition for a fraction of the cost of a whole new window AND it matches the rest of the windows on the house.



I’m guessing you had a window salesman tell you windows can’t be fixed?  I’ve heard that from home inspectors and even realtors.  This issue is about educating the public on their options.  New windows are not always your only, or even best option.  Window repair saves money.  Window repair is part of a huge renew-repair-restore movement in home improvement.  When done properly and professionally, can improve the existing window for less than a new one.

Let’s talk about window repair being done poorly.

100_0158Putty doesn’t work.  I’ll give you cheap and temporary as your only positives here.




100_1100Look at this guy.  Won’t bother to remove the vertical trim to properly repair the sill nosing.  Does this repair look original or even professional?




DSC00194Um, only doing half the sill doesn’t work either.  If one side went bad, what makes you think the other side won’t go bad too?  You end up constantly revisiting that same window by only doing the bare minimum every time.



joe pick-up sash repairThis one is my favorite.  The bottom of the sash was rotten so Mr. Joe pick-up’s idea was to just nail another board over the face of the sash!  Oh, BTW, this was a bedroom window.  Do you think you could open that in case of an emergency?



Our biggest hurdle as professionals is over coming the stigma of these types of “repairs”.  Your neighbor gets something like this done for as cheap as they can, but then realize after the fact, the cheap price solved nothing.  You in turn have the thought in your head, you certainly aren’t going to waste your money on window repair after seeing what your neighbor got.

Window repair works when done properly by skilled professionals.  More importantly with the proper materials and products.  Here’s where the sales pitch comes in.  Fenster Components is your destination for factory matched frame components, replica window sash from dozens of major brands, and many other components to rebuild your wood windows to their original beauty and function.  Visit our product home page today at:

Window terms -Fenster FAQ

We walk the walk.  You need to talk the talk.  We take customer service to heart and love talking through your project with you over the phone.  The problem is, this is a very visual and tangible process we can’t effectively complete over the phone.  We can’t see what you need and you can’t communicate in our window terms what you need.  I’ve talked many times before about sending us pictures of your windows in prior posts.  This post should help you understand a little more about how to speak in window terms to help us understand what you need and what Fenster product best fits that need.

Brand:  The original manufacturer of your window.

Model:  Most brands of windows made several different models of windows with different features.

After-market:  This is what we do.  We make a replicated version of the original brand’s window sash.

Sash:  The operable part of the window.  Its what you open and close.

Casement:  The type of window that cranks open.

Double Hung:  The type of window that slides up and down.

Awning:  The type of window that swings open from the top.  Also called a hopper.

Slider:  The type of window that slides open horizontally.  Also called a glider.

Seal:  The seal in the glass causing the fog, NOT weatherstrip.  And not sill.  This is part of the frame.

Spacer bar:  This is the metal bar creating the space between the two panes of glass.

Weatherstrip:  Strip around the perimeter of the sash.

Bulb:  Soft, round vinyl weatherstrip that fits into a groove around the perimeter of the sash.

Leaf:  Rigid vinyl weatherstrip that fits into a groove around the perimeter of the sash.

Glazing bead:  A vinyl or metal strip against the perimeter of the glass.  Usually on the outside.

Glass stop:  A wood trim piece against the perimeter of the glass.  Can be on the inside or outside.

Boot glaze:  A rubber gasket around the perimeter of the glass holding it in the wood frame.  No bead or stop.

Wet glaze:  The glass unit is glued into the frame and has a glazing bead or glass stop.

Glazing channel:  The groove in the sash frame the glass fits into.

Cladding:  Metal or vinyl covering on the outside of the sash.

Primed:  The window industry term for a painted wood window.  No cladding on the outside.

Stile:  The vertical side of a sash frame.

Rail:  The horizontal side of a sash frame.

Joinery:  How the corners of the sash frame fit together.

Jambliner:  The plastic side tracks of a double hung window that the sashes slide up and down in.

Balance:  The spring mechanism in the jambliner that holds the sash up.

Terminal:  The bracket at the end of the balance that the sash tilt pin fits into.

Tilt-pin:  The pin or metal piece on the sash that fits into the terminal in the jambliner track.

Profile:  The shape of the wood sash frame.  From a millwork perspective, its how we identify the proper sash.

Operator:  Crank mechanism containing the gears and arms that open and close a casement sash.

Hinge:  The metal sill track, black bushing, arm, and sash mounting bracket are all part of a casement hinge.

Operator sash brackets:  One or two brackets mounted to the sash rail that the operator arms attach to.


Those are a few of the basics.  I’ll dig deeper in a future post on window terms.  For now, we look forward to helping you solve your window repair issues and hopefully you can get a better understanding of the window terms we understand and need,  to give you the best possible service.  Visit us at to read more about our company and products.

Jamb liners – Fenster FAQ

The common question we get is, do we have jamb liners for a specific brand of window?  Yes, but not that brand.  What I mean is, most brands double hung windows used a standard profile that is universal across the industry.  Yes, while there may be subtle differences in minor details, the shapes are basically the same.  Here are the only three pieces of information you need to gather:

1.  COLOR.  White or beige.

2.  LENGTH.  Measure from the top of the jamb liners to the long point of the angle at the bottom.  The standard lengths run every 4 inches to the 3/8″ of an inch.  This should be, or close to, the length you have.  We can cut  standard length jamb liners up to an 1″ without affecting the operation. However, you should not get a length over 3/8″ or more than 3″ away from the next standard size.

jambliner tape measure




3.  PLOW SHAPE.  This is the shape of the track on the jamb liners that match up to the groove cut into the side of the sash.

square sash plowsquare plow in linerThe square plow has a “square” shape to the track and a square shape groove cut into the side of the sash as you see here.




Vee sash plowVee sash plow in linerThe “V” plow has a “V” shaped track and the opposite “V” shaped groove on the sash allowing the two shapes to fit together.




We’re working on some short videos to make as many of our products DIY friendly as possible.  In the meantime, here’s a few installation tips.

1.  Vinyl compression jamb liners are held in the jamb pocket via a flange on the edges.  These flanges fit into a groove in a piece of trim called the jamb stop.  There is a jamb stop on the exterior side of the jamb, and one on the interior side.  As long as you are working with a wood, tilt-in double hung window made since the early 80’s, you should have the flange type jamb liners.  There should not be any fasteners to remove.  Pry against the jamb liner in between the edge of the liner and the jamb stop to expose the flange.  Continue to pry along one edge until the jamb liner pops out of the pocket.

2. Install the new jamb liner by setting one edge into the jamb stop and squeeze the liner together to set the flanges in  place.

3. You DO, have to replace the tilt pins that match the balance ends in our kits.  New tilt pins are included along with instructions in the box.

4. I’m assuming you already had the sashes out but….Let’s go back to the beginning.  Vinyl “compression” means the sashes are held in by the liners putting pressure on the sides of the sashes to hold them in.  To “tilt-in” your sashes:

  1. Open the sash to about half-way.
  2. Push out on the jamb liners, away from the edge of the sash and gently pull toward you.
  3. Holding the sash in a horizontal position by the sides, lift one side at an angle in the opening enough to clear the tilt pin from the balance.  You should be able to lift the sash free from the opposite side and remove the sash now.
  4. Reverse to put the sash back in.  Holding the sash at an angle to the opening, seat the lower tilt pin in first.  Push down on the opposite side until both sides are even making the sash level in the opening again.
  5. Tilt the sash back up.  While applying pressure to the jamb liners, push the sash back into the tracks.  You should be able to raise and lower the sash with the tilt pins engaged with the balances.

5.  One more tip.  You don’t want to caulk any part of the jamb liners to the window frame.  It sounds like a good idea to keep water out, but the jamb liner has to be able to expand and contract to operate properly.  Caulking will basically lock it in place and not allow it to seal to the sash.  Oh, and DON’T paint them!

Hope that helps!  Order your jamb liner replacement kit today online at


How to identify your windows -Fenster FAQ

Help us help you!  Identify your windows with these helpful tips or let our experts do the work.  Windows are complicated, confusing, and technically challenging in both terminology and construction.

Have I scared you yet?  Relax.  The biggest thing to wrap your head around is the window industry in not in a hurry.  Window repair parts are not sold on Amazon on purpose!  Well maybe some are, but not like what we offer.  This is not a quick, instant gratification purchase. The process takes time.  One little detail missed, makes the part not work.

Second, identifying windows and purchasing repair parts is a visual, tangible thing.  Part A has to match part B.  It can be that simple.  Think back to pre-school when you had to flip over flash cards to find a matched pair.  Did it matter what was on the card?  NO.  Your goal was to match the two pictures.

Windows are 3 dimensional.  You have to feel it, touch it, examine it in your hands to understand how it fits together.

We can’t help if we can’t see what you have.  We take the first step in providing you pictures and drawings on our sash catalog and other product pages to give you a visual reference of what OUR parts look like.  Your next step is to determine do our parts look like what you have?  Just basing your search on the brand of window (if you know that) doesn’t get us close enough since in some cases we have multiple models of the same brand available.

So, line drawings and little pictures on the internet are making you more confused.  That’s fine.  We need to see what you have in order to help you.  Then we’ll need measurements too.  Sometimes we need pictures WITH measurements to get a scale, especially with hardware.  We want to help!  Help us, help you reach the Quan.

When trying to determine what Fenster sash number matches your window, don’t think so hard about what brand or model it is, think more about how it looks, how it operates, and how it fits together.  Measurements are important too.  Many times common measurements can help determine one sash from another.

Send us your (window) pics to



Window repair products – Fenster FAQ

Window repair products are offered in a variety of forms, style and categories to fit a specific need.  Fenster offers more than just replacement sashes and merely requesting a “brand” of window sash doesn’t help us get you the best product to solve your window repair issue.

When you visit our site,, from the home page, you are directed to select a specific product category organized by the type of sash, component, or window repair solution.  It is important to consider what issue you are trying to resolve prior to selecting a category and read the brief category description to see if that category fits your need.

Choose a Stile and rail kit if you have an aluminum clad, boot glazed sash; the glass is good, and you want to maintain the original look and design as close as possible.  This is also your most economical solution for rebuilding a window sash. This is the 4 sides of the sash only.  No glass, cladding, or hardware is included.

Choose the replica wood sash category ONLY if you have a painted wood window (no cladding) and you want a complete sash with new wood frame and glass included.  You will pay far more in shipping, but this product comes out of the box ready for hardware and installation.

Choose the Quiksash category if you have an aluminum clad sash and you want the same “out-of-the-box” product as the replica wood sash.  However, Quiksash is a Fenster re-engineering of the original sash profile to fit and function in the original window frame.  You must be willing to accept some minor changes in the appearance of the sash.  A minor sacrifice when you consider your other option:  Replacing all of your windows!

Weatherstrip and jambliners hopefully are self-explanatory.  The products listed on these pages are stock items and are suitable replacements for many universal profiles used on many different brands and models of windows.  These items are not brand specific.  Consider how the item functions on the window.  Don’t get wrapped up in trying to match what you have exactly.  If the brand of window is out of business, the exact part may be gone too.

Hardware is a whole other blog post.

Brand names and part numbers-Fenster FAQ

We make Fenster Windows, not “insert brand name” windows.  All Fenster products are after-market replications of the original model.  Yes, you did find us online because you did a search for your brand of window.  How would you have found us otherwise?  That makes us good at internet marketing, not a huge investment firm that buys up struggling, multi-million dollar window companies.

Now that you’ve found us…we use the original brand name as merely a way to identify what you have now, and what Fenster part number matches the window you have.  Keep in mind, our replica sashes span 40 years of window manufacturing, by dozens of brands.  Now consider, brands that have stood some reasonable test of time, made multiple models during that time.  The “brand” of window in your home is most definitely NOT the only model they ever made.

Several clues add up to determining what you have, and what we have to match it.

  • Brand name stamped on handles or hardware.  TRUTH is a hardware brand, not a window brand.
  • Numbers or letters stamped in the space between the panes of glass.
  • Builder records
  • Our expertise (We need pictures for this)

So, when we ask for the Fenster product, profile, or part number that is our part number for the part we make that matches what you need.  You are not going to find OUR part number on your window.

Window Sash-Fenster FAQ

malta 300 clad sash example What is the sash?  We get that question a lot.  Since it’s our primary product line, we should probably go into more detail.  In simple terms, the window sash is what you open and close.  For instance, a casement window sash opens vertically from the side like a door does using a crank mechanism of some sort.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A double hung window sash slides up and down on a track on either side called a vinyl compression jambliner that contains spring balances that hold the sashes up.




More specifically, the parts of the sash would be:

  • The wood frame around the glass.  The vertical sides are called stiles.  The horizontal top and bottom are called the rails.
  • The glass.  Double pane glass is an encapsulated unit installed into the sash frame and can be removed and replaced separately from the frame in the event of seal failure which causes a foggy appearance.


We offer several versions of window sash products based on your needs.

  1. A stile and rail kit is just the four sides of the sash frame.  Use this when you have a boot glazed sash (this is a type of sash construction using a rubber gasket to hold the glass in the frame) or on a metal clad window sash that you want to maintain the original look and specifications of the sash.  This is your most economical option when only wood rot is your issue.
  2. Our replica wood sash are for painted wood window sash only.  Use this product when you have a painted window sash with both foggy glass and rotting wood.
  3. Our Quiksash line is Fenster’s answer to obsolete clad/wood windows and hail damage.  A Quiksash replica is a re-engineered version of the original window sash using components available to us.  While some subtle differences in appearance may be noticeable, we guarantee the same fit and function as the original.

To see more about all of our product lines visit us

Window Hardware-Fenster FAQ

Replacing window hardware is usually a DIY’er project.  Its as simple as turning a few screws.  The difficulty lies in identifying the part you need.  Identifying window hardware is a tangible and visual process.  If we can’t see what you need, we can’t help!  Most window hardware is NOT brand specific.  Since most major window companies all used the same hardware, mainly TRUTH (with a few exceptions) knowing the brand of window doesn’t always help us.  We can’t possibly know what piece of hardware was used on a given brand, model, and production year.  BUT, if we know what part it is, or more importantly, SEE what part you need, then we have a good chance of getting you what you need.

When requesting window hardware, we need pictures emailed to us, and sometimes even a sample mailed to us.  You can always use our catalog link on our site, to identify your part on your own.  Don’t be overwhelmed by the 400 page catalog!  Wood window hardware, locks, operators, seals and screen parts are only on pages 120-275.



Desperately Seeking Window Sash Parts!

Fenster Components is diligently pursuing all opportunities to provide our customers with completely assembled, cladded window sash that is ready to be installed. We seek sample window sash parts to put through our R&D process to fulfill this growing product request.

We require a disassembled cladded sash frame with the glass removed and all cladding intact. The following window brands and models are specifically needed. In addition, actual series names, model numbers and/or old brochures would also be extremely helpful.

Biltbest Windows: Cladded casements and double hungs.

Caradco Windows: Heritage I and Heritage II casement and the Car-Clad double hung.

Craftline Windows: All Craftline products sold between 1978-2010.

Malta Windows: Any wood and wood/clad Malta sash products sold from 1978-2010.

MW Windows: Freedom primed, Freedom 600/800 wood-clad and Jefferson 100-400 wood clad.

Pozzi Windows: Any ’80s or ’90s era cladded Pozzi casement or double hung, and any cladded casement or double hung sold by Jeld-Wen as a Pozzi series.

Norco Windows: Original Norco cladded casement and double hung, and Jeld-Wen produced sash sold as Norco series products.

Rockwell Windows: Rockwell, and Barber and Ross cladded double hung windows.

There’s something in it for you! Please send us a copy of your receipt and we’ll reimburse you your shipping cost PLUS send you a $50 gift card just for cleaning out your garage, basement or shed of that old window you’ve been holding on to.

Fenster Components has been engineering replications of original sash profiles for most major brands since 1999. Our catalog currently has over 60 casement and double hung profiles and continues to grow. If you have extra window sash parts, recently replaced your windows or will in the near future, please contact us or comment on this blog to see if you qualify for the free gift card.