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Repair vs. Replace: Chicago Suburb Wood Windows

Since the early 90s, the Chicago suburbs have exploded with the expansion of new upscale neighborhoods, and aluminum-clad casement windows were the standard for this new construction. During this period, there were a plethora of mid-scale wood window companies supplying Chicago homebuilders with a continuous supply of moderately priced window products to keep up with demand. […]

When to Repair vs. When to Replace Windows

If you pay attention, your house can give you many signs when something’s not right. And a home’s windows are especially communicative when they need to be repaired or replaced.  There are two major factors that drive this decision: age of the home and severity of the failure. Let’s look at the big picture of repairing […]

How to Remove a Sash Window

Wooden sash windows bring a classic appeal to your home. With regular cleaning and painting or staining, they can stay looking great for decades. But, inevitably, time and weather will take their toll, and you’ll need to look at repairing or replacing your sash windows. If you’re considering home window replacement, but want to keep […]

Sealrite Windows, clad sash replacement

After-market Sealrite Windows clad sash now available!  Fenster is pleased to announce the latest addition to our Quiksash line of after-market clad wood replacement sashes. Sealrite windows were made in a way that makes replacing the glass impossible.  How convenient!  For them, not for you.  Not since they are out of business! Fenster now has […]

Window repair-Why it works

Window Repair works for obvious reasons.  A new window salesman won’t tell you why.  For as many years as I’ve been in business, I’ve had folks ask, “How do I know this works?”  Well, somehow we’ve been making window parts for over fifteen years now, what do you think?   The obvious isn’t so obvious […]

Window repair improves energy efficiency

Looking to improve the energy efficiency of your windows?  Window replacement isn’t always the answer.  Some simple cost saving improvements can be made to your existing wood windows to improve their efficiency without replacing the whole window. Weatherstripping   There are two basic styles of weatherstripping that come in many shapes and colors, but serve […]

Caradco Windows–The Fenster way

This is why we do what we do…. Ryan, I received the seven sashes today that I ordered only a couple weeks ago. They are beautiful and look much better quality than the Caradco sashes they are replacing. Your attention to detail is second to NONE. In fact, they look so good, I may replace […]

Wood window repair can be done.

Its funny how after 15 years in business and thousands of window sash made, that not a day goes by I hear another customer doubt the notion of window repair.  How is that possible?  Why is that a good idea?  I didn’t know you could do that? Well folks, I’m hear to tell you it is […]

Window terms -Fenster FAQ

We walk the walk.  You need to talk the talk.  We take customer service to heart and love talking through your project with you over the phone.  The problem is, this is a very visual and tangible process we can’t effectively complete over the phone.  We can’t see what you need and you can’t communicate in our […]

Desperately Seeking Window Sash Parts!

Fenster Components is diligently pursuing all opportunities to provide our customers with completely assembled, cladded window sash that is ready to be installed. We seek sample window sash parts to put through our R&D process to fulfill this growing product request. We require a disassembled cladded sash frame with the glass removed and all cladding […]