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You Need a New Sash, Not a New Window

You need a new sash, not a new window: This statement is the justification of why Fenster Components exists. This is why we got into the window business in the first place.  The practicality of sash replacement is a superior method to window repair with all the benefits of a full replacement window. We’ve created […]

Most Popular Chicagoland Wood Windows

Fenster Components is excited to announce our expansion into the Chicagoland area with our innovative approach to window replacement. Expensive, whole window tear-out replacement is no longer necessary with our sash replacement system. We offer replacement sash for Chicago’s most popular brands like Caradco, Norco, Pozzi, Rockwell and more! How Does It Work? Homeowners now […]

FAQ’s about painting wood windows

I started my career with an Indianapolis home builder as a service manager. As a division leader, I was responsible for managing “out of warranty” issues in my territory. The builder at the time was an originator of the “track built” concept in central Indiana but favored the more upscale style of construction. They were still using […]

Repair vs. Replace: Chicago Suburb Wood Windows

Since the early 90s, the Chicago suburbs have exploded with the expansion of new upscale neighborhoods, and aluminum-clad casement windows were the standard for this new construction. During this period, there were a plethora of mid-scale wood window companies supplying Chicago homebuilders with a continuous supply of moderately priced window products to keep up with demand. […]

Understanding Wood Window Parts

One of the biggest hurdles we have to overcome in our sales process is getting on the same page with customers when it comes to terminology. We certainly don’t expect any retail customer to be a window expert. That’s our job! Unfortunately, there’s just no way around the technical side of what we do. Hey, if it were […]

How to Repair Hail Damaged Windows

I want to start this post on my soapbox for a minute. I am celebrating 20 years in the window and home improvement business this year: This isn’t my first rodeo. I think after 20 years we might have something figured out. To this day, I can’t help but get a little offended when someone […]

10 Reasons Why Casement Windows Are Better

Styles of windows are really about personal preference…if you even get the opportunity to make a choice. What I mean is, the windows in an existing house were probably selected based on the architecture or building trends in the region. For instance, a double-hung window is traditionally seen in colonial style homes, turn of the […]

Top 5 Best Brands by Fenster

New for 2020, Fenster Components is consolidating our online retail catalog to bring a more interactive and user-friendly buying experience. Our newly updated website is due to roll out for the start of spring with easier-to-navigate pages,  info tabs, an FAQ chat option and how-to videos. In addition to these new website innovations, we are reducing […]

6 Reasons Why Casement Windows Are Better for Your Home

Part of owning a home is staying on top of the maintenance that comes with it. While they won’t require frequent upkeep, windows are a big consideration. The style of window that you include in your design might vary, from sliding to double hung to sash, but many homeowners have found that casement windows are […]

Malta Window Cladding

Malta window cladding now available!  We are excited to announce we have received our first shipment of matching Malta window cladding for two popular vinyl clad Malta window models.  We now can offer after-market replacement cladded sash for Malta vinyl clad double hung windows and Malta vinyl clad casements shown below.        The vinyl clad […]