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How to Remove a Sash Window

Wooden sash windows bring a classic appeal to your home. With regular cleaning and painting or staining, they can stay looking great for decades. But, inevitably, time and weather will take their toll, and you’ll need to look at repairing or replacing your sash windows. If you’re considering home window replacement, but want to keep […]

How to Measure for Window Replacement

Measure twice, buy once. Realizing you’ve improperly measured the dimensions for a window replacement can be a huge problem in a renovation project.  If the dimensions you’ve given are too small, you’ll need shims and extra insulation to keep your window in place; plus, you risk creating air leaks that will pump up your energy […]

Window repair-Why it works

Window Repair works for obvious reasons.  A new window salesman won’t tell you why.  For as many years as I’ve been in business, I’ve had folks ask, “How do I know this works?”  Well, somehow we’ve been making window parts for over fifteen years now, what do you think?   The obvious isn’t so obvious […]

Window repair, not an emergency

Window repair is not an emergency folks!  It took 20 years for your windows to rot.  A couple more weeks won’t hurt anything. The first thing about the window industry is; it’s not in a hurry.  So from a supply stand point, we wait sometimes 5-6 weeks just to get raw materials in.  Now we […]

Window terms -Fenster FAQ

We walk the walk.  You need to talk the talk.  We take customer service to heart and love talking through your project with you over the phone.  The problem is, this is a very visual and tangible process we can’t effectively complete over the phone.  We can’t see what you need and you can’t communicate in our […]

Jamb liners – Fenster FAQ

The common question we get is, do we have jamb liners for a specific brand of window?  Yes, but not that brand.  What I mean is, most brands double hung windows used a standard profile that is universal across the industry.  Yes, while there may be subtle differences in minor details, the shapes are basically the […]

How to identify your windows -Fenster FAQ

Help us help you!  Identify your windows with these helpful tips or let our experts do the work.  Windows are complicated, confusing, and technically challenging in both terminology and construction. Have I scared you yet?  Relax.  The biggest thing to wrap your head around is the window industry in not in a hurry.  Window repair […]

Window repair products – Fenster FAQ

Window repair products are offered in a variety of forms, style and categories to fit a specific need.  Fenster offers more than just replacement sashes and merely requesting a “brand” of window sash doesn’t help us get you the best product to solve your window repair issue. When you visit our site,, from the […]

Brand names and part numbers-Fenster FAQ

We make Fenster Windows, not “insert brand name” windows.  All Fenster products are after-market replications of the original model.  Yes, you did find us online because you did a search for your brand of window.  How would you have found us otherwise?  That makes us good at internet marketing, not a huge investment firm that […]

Window Sash-Fenster FAQ

 What is the sash?  We get that question a lot.  Since it’s our primary product line, we should probably go into more detail.  In simple terms, the window sash is what you open and close.  For instance, a casement window sash opens vertically from the side like a door does using a crank mechanism of […]