Caradco replica windows, even better than the real thing!

No we’re not a U2 cover band and Bono isn’t running the molding machine. But, we are replicating nearly 50 different window sash profiles that are no longer available from the original manufacturer.  We wanted to dispel the common misconception that we are representing the original brand in some fashion.  We have no association with the original manufacturers and are not misrepresenting their brand names.

Take Caradco for example. The Caradco brand name is technically owned by a mega corporation we’ll call “JW.” We are very careful not to infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. However, “JW” isn’t helping the thousands of Caradco window owners looking for replacement parts. That’s where we come in. We make our version of obsolete Caradco products. They’re close, but not exactly like the original. How close you ask? We’d like to share this recent testimonial from a customer who purchased our Caradco replica sashes.

Hi Ryan,

Jim and I installed the two Caradco replacement sashes yesterday in the house and also the window operator in another window we purchased from your company. We just wanted you to know how perfectly the sashes you made fit, and how effortlessly they went into the window openings. We didn’t even need spacers or shims they fit that well. The exterior aluminum cladding easily slipped right back onto the new sashes and the interior wood took the stain really well. Your employees and you should be commended for your excellent product quality, timely delivery and great customer service. And, we really appreciated all your help in obtaining the correct measurements for the replacement sashes. Replacing water-damaged window sashes is a job we’ve never done before, and we were anticipating at least a few things to go wrong. But everything went really well. The weather even cooperated. I also wanted to let you know the window hardware catalog on your website was very user-friendly, and with the diagrams of the hardware I was able to locate the window operator mechanism we needed quite easily. The bookmark feature in the catalog was pretty neat, too.

If we ever need replacement sashes or window hardware in the future we will surely contact you.

Best of everything to you, your family and your employees, and have a wonderful holiday season!

Thanks again,

Barbara & Jim, Traverse City, MI

November 25, 2013

We may not be the original, but we’re trying to do it better than everyone else. We have shorter lead times, quicker responses, and guess what? We actually want to sell you something! No run-around and shuffling you off to the next department. If we don’t have it, we do our best to find it. If we don’t make it, we’re happy to invest in the opportunity to add it to our catalog.

Visit our website for a list of obsolete window profiles we currently produce.

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