Brand names and part numbers-Fenster FAQ

We make Fenster Windows, not “insert brand name” windows.  All Fenster products are after-market replications of the original model.  Yes, you did find us online because you did a search for your brand of window.  How would you have found us otherwise?  That makes us good at internet marketing, not a huge investment firm that buys up struggling, multi-million dollar window companies.

Now that you’ve found us…we use the original brand name as merely a way to identify what you have now, and what Fenster part number matches the window you have.  Keep in mind, our replica sashes span 40 years of window manufacturing, by dozens of brands.  Now consider, brands that have stood some reasonable test of time, made multiple models during that time.  The “brand” of window in your home is most definitely NOT the only model they ever made.

Several clues add up to determining what you have, and what we have to match it.

  • Brand name stamped on handles or hardware.  TRUTH is a hardware brand, not a window brand.
  • Numbers or letters stamped in the space between the panes of glass.
  • Builder records
  • Our expertise (We need pictures for this)

So, when we ask for the Fenster product, profile, or part number that is our part number for the part we make that matches what you need.  You are not going to find OUR part number on your window.

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