Monthly Archives: April 2014

Vinyl window jamb liners 101

We get many inquiries about ordering vinyl jamb liners for wood double hung windows. Trying to match exactly what you had originally can be very confusing, if not impossible. Most folks think their hardware is brand specific, which is not the case. Jamb liners in particular are very common and universal to wood double hung […]

Assembly tips for cladded, wet glazed window sash profiles

Wet glazed sashes are a little more challenging than boot glazed to assemble, but still manageable with a few easy steps. Contrary to a boot glazed sash that uses a rubber gasket to hold the glass in the wood sash frame, a wet glazed sash (or direct set)  uses a silicone or butyl based glazing compound […]

Assembly tips for cladded window sash frames with rubber glazing boot

Homeowners often show some apprehension in taking on window sash assembly. In a perfect world, we would love nothing more than to provide complete replacement windows. The fact of the matter is, when many window companies went out of business, they took their parts and their manufacturers with them. Several components that went into the original […]