Monthly Archives: October 2013

Be a Hero! Repair a Window!

Contractors!  Homeowners need your help now! The bat signal is on. All you need is your cool tool belt. Leave the cape at home (or not). You don’t need to be Superman to be a window hero, and window repair doesn’t have to be your kryptonite. You can build a successful window repair business — […]

Do You Repair Rotten Windows? Untold Fortunes Await!

Attention contractors!  Wood windows are going bad by the millions across this great country, and someone needs to fix them now!  What once was a joke among new window dealers is now a lucrative niche business offering homeowners an economical and less invasive solution to their rotten wood windows.  Unlike a government that couldn’t stay […]

Drafts. Great for Football and Beer. Not So Good for Windows.

Now that colder weather is just a pair of sweatpants and hoodie away, time to turn your attention to those drafty windows. Your rotten wood windows are a major culprit when it comes to costing you money. The cost of replacing those windows is less than paying high heating bills year after year and, let’s […]