Monthly Archives: August 2013

What To Do Before Selling a House. Windows, or Not?

When the time comes to sell your home, looking around and wondering where your best investments lie in terms of what to replace, what to fix and what to leave be is always a dilemma. With the housing market finally turning around, more and more of us are considering placing the sign in the yard […]

Window Replacement Parts–A Buying Guide

Finding the right window replacement parts can be challenging, even for the professional.  For the average homeowner lacking the knowledge and terminology, it can be impossible.  Here’s a couple things to keep in mind when identifying your window parts: 1.  The windows in your house are one brand out of hundreds of thousands of windows produced by […]

Rotten Window? Here’s An Offer You Can’t Refuse.

For 12 years now, Fenster has been replicating window components and sashes for most major brands of wood windows.  While some regional competitors only offer one or two brands, we offer multiple versions of nearly 20 brands with the ability to expand that product offering.  This versatility sets us apart from the competition as a leading manufacturer of […]

Penta is the problem – a rotted windows repair backstory

Before you point fingers at your builder, contractor, or window company, did you ever consider the EPA?  You’re thinking what does the EPA have to do with my rotted windows?  Quite a bit actually.  It was the EPA that changed the window industry dramatically in 1985 by banning the use of Penta, or Pentachlorophenol as […]

Hurd Window Parts and Repair

In your home, your windows are your eyes to the world. You want to protect and take care of this valuable investment. But what happens when the wood in those windows starts to age? Even with older windows — and especially when those windows are no longer covered by warranty —  you still have the […]