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Preferred vendor services now available to the insurance industry!

Fenster Components is proud to introduce our new engineering and installation division, ReWindowReWindow offers a comprehensive list of services to the insurance industry specifically for hail damaged windows with guaranteed results and uncompromising professionalism.  Preferred vendor services include:

  • On-site expert inspection
  • Product engineering
  • Direct shipment of product
  • Expert installation throughout the mid-west and southeast

With an alarming lack expertise in the field of window repair, it was imperative we create a company of exceptional integrity, professionalism, and unmatched customer service, that compliments Fenster’s commitment to quality and service.  For more information about ReWindow services, contact our president, Ryan Schwartz, or visit our hail damage claims page for product details.

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All Fenster products are after-market replications of the original. While our products are designed to closely resemble the original, they are not the original brand's product. Having no association with the original manufacturer, we cannot respond to warranty claims or brand specific inquiries.

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